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Summer Fun!

An AED Unit for the outdoor facility has been funded in record time.  The unit is on it's way and be available very soon.  This is one of those things we never want to have to use but feel a whole lot better knowing that it is on hand.  The unit's exact location at outdoor facility will be announced in the August newsletter.  
If you planned to contribute but have not done so yet, donations will continue to be accepted which will be designated for future Staff CPR/AED Trainings.  These trainings are conducted twice a year to keep our staff certified and prepared to assist in the time of need.  
Thank you to all contributors on this effort!

Family Summer Series
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Friday, July 28, 5-7 pm
Breaking Records Night - No, not the round, flat kind... the how many times can you hit your target, spin the hoopla hoop, jump rope and a whole lot more.  Bring the family.  Burgers, dogs, watermelon, chips and beverage provided.  Please RSVP by emailing the desk: wracfrontdesk@gmail.com so we can prepare for this special event.

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Summer Swim Team and lots more!  
Summer's not over yet...enjoy yours at the WRAC!  

Summer Art Lessons for website

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